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First Time for Everything

Wow - an update - the first in almost exactly 12 years! (I'm serious - the original time-stamp on the Master List post was July 2008) When I last updated this, the comms were massively busy, the fandom was excited and we had this wonderful third season approaching.

Well, those of us were around then all know what happened. For many of us, the muse died - sometimes almost literally overnight (I dread to think how many half-written one-shots and cliff-hangered multi-chaptered epics died along with Ianto on Day Four, or as the fandom went into meltdown as Day Five aired), and for some of us it slowly withered over the next months and years.

This was - is - my main series. My muse started to stir late last year and I found myself wanting to return to this. I had almost finished Part 4 at the time, but somewhere in the intervening years the file ate itself and I could only find an incomplete one, which I have begun to re-work.

This will be, as it was originally, a work in progress. I still have ideas for a good number of parts and am also, now, developing ideas for fics that are set within the same universe.

If you never read this before, or scarely remember it - each piece is, to a degree, stand-alone in that you'd be able to understand Part Four within having read the previous parts, so long as you've seen the original two seasons of the show. However, they're all part of the same story-arc. Bit like the show - understand the main concept and you can enjoy 'Small Worlds' without having seen 'Cyberwoman', but on the other hand you get rather more out the former if you HAVE seen the earlier episode.

The time line will run from Pre-season 1, however I have decided that Children of Earth will NOT happen - or at least, not as it did. At the moment, I may actually divert from the show's time-line before Exit Wounds, though I make no promises about saving Owen from his first death at least [the whole unliving concept was truly interesting for his character] - and I'm not yet sure what would happen to Tosh (Exit Wounds was powerful, but as time goes on I see the gaping logical flaws more and more)

As it was started long before Children of Earth, the back-stories I developed make it very very firmly AU, but nothing that happens will contradict canon as we knew it prior to at least Reset. So Suzie, Lisa, The Year That Never Was, John Hart, Grey etc. will all take their place at the appropriate time! And as 'my' backstory for Ianto was entirely jossed by CoE, Rhiannon and her family don't exist in this 'verse.

The series goes through the "first times" within Jack and Ianto's relationship - first touch, first kiss etc.

Warnings: PLEASE READ THIS BEFORE READING ON: the backstory that grew in my mind is NOT a happy one. There will be memories of m/m domestic abuse and rape; references to this as history; mention of self-harm/depression/suicidal thoughts; violence and character death. Different parts will have different ratings from PG to NC-17 and I will flag where needed.

Chapter 1 - Flirt (Ianto) is here Rating: PG-13
Chapter 2 - Touch (Ianto) starts here Rating: Hard R/NC-17
Chapter 3 - Flirt (Jack) is here Rating: PG
Chapter 4 - Touch (Jack) starts here Rating: PG-13

Read and enjoy!

(Everything is also now over on AO3, under the same name).

First Time For Everything, Chapter 4a

Series: First Time For Everything
Part: Four, Section A
Title: Touch - Jack
Word Count: circa 6,500
Spoilers: This section, none for Torchwood and tiny mentions of "Aliens of London/World War III" and "Boomtown" from Doctor Who Series One
Rating: Over-all, NC17. This section: PG-13: references to sex
Pairing: References to Jack/various (historical).
Disclaimer: Torchwood and anyone you recognise belong to the BBC and were created by RTD.
The master list for this fic is here

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False Memories

Fandom: Torchwood
Characters: Jack, Ianto, Gwen, Tosh, Owen, Adam

Four parts, set during "Adam". Not part of my own First Time For Everything series. Slightly AU.

Jack has his own particular reasons for knowing Ianto's memories cannot be true.

Part One:
Part Two:
Part Three:
Part Four:

This is also over on my AO3 account.

False Memories, Chapter 1/4

Story: False Memories
Chapter: 1/4
Title: Tuesday Morning, 6a.m.
Word Count: circa 4,700
Spoilers: S2 Ep 5 - Adam
Rating: Teen+ - it's 'Adam' so hints of nastiness
Pairing: None - mention of Tosh/Adam and Gwen/Rhys
Disclaimer: Torchwood and anyone you recognise belong to the BBC and were created by RTD. If you recognise dialogue, it's from the show. This is NOT part of my own 'verse and is complete.

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False Memories, Chapter 3/4

Story: False Memories
Chapter: 3/4
Title: Tuesday Morning, 7 a.m.
Word Count: circa 7,000
Spoilers: S2 Ep 5: Adam, and very minor spoilers for S1 Ep 4, 6 & 7: Cyberwoman, Countrycide and Greeks Bearing Gifts
Rating: Teens. Based on 'Adam', so some nastiness
Pairing: None direct
Disclaimer: Torchwood and anyone you recognise belong to the BBC and were created by RTD. If you recognise any dialogue, it's from the show.

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False Memories, Chapter 4/4

Story: False Memories
Chapter: 4/4
Title: Tuesday Morning 8 a.m.
Word Count: circa 7,000
Spoilers: S2 Ep 5: Adam, minor spoilers (is it possible to still spoil for this one?) for S1 Ep4: Cyberwoman.
Rating: Teens. It's 'Adam', so hints of nastiness.
Pairing: None
Disclaimer: Torchwood and anyone you recognise belong to the BBC and were created by RTD. Any dialogue you recognise is from the show.

Notes: This is the first new piece of TW fic I've written in over 10 years. It was SUPPOSED to be a drabble - there was one little scene I wanted to write out. THIS happened instead - clearly I just can't do drabbles. This isn't a part of my FTFE series, but it is just slightly AU.

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So - that happened....

I have four kids, aged 17 down to 8.

Last year my oldest, who I had always thought was my son, told me and my husband that she was "she". It was a bit of a surprise — at all of 11, he had said he was bi, then a year or so later that he was gay. But this was a bit different. I spent some time wondering if I'd failed as a parent — NOT because my child was trans but because I'd apparently missed this HUGE part of who my child was. I still do wonder if we failed somehow because surely we should have realised. But there's nothing I can do about the past and at least we can be supportive now. Because the statistics for self-harm and suicide for these kids are HORRENDOUS — seriously. Amongst trans kids who don't feel safe at home or accepted for who they are by their parents, the rate is around SEVENTY PERCENT for self-harm. Seriously, we are talking about kids in their grave because their parents refused to use the right names and pronouns and not to just ACCEPT their kid.

Today, my daughter came out on FB. Which means letting a LOT of people know, and the probability that people in our tiny Irish village will know. The next few weeks might be hell — or they might show us the better side of our fellow humans. 

I have two daughters, two sons, and I love them all.

Idea 2

Of the three ideas that hit earlier this month, this one is easily the most developed. This one  IS from my First Time For Everything AU, but comes a few chapters down the line, so I need to fill in the missing pieces but I thought the rough draft of the opening bit could prove entertaining.

Kiss — Ianto

The first time Ianto kisses Harkness is a month into the job, on his second field mission. It happens right after they’ve defeated the last of the alien slave-traders and about thirty seconds before the Hub comes out of lockdown.

Three days before that Tosh’s eyes open wide as he walks up to the main Hub, having changed in the locker room. She runs the tip of her tongue over her lips and just for a second she looks like a child being offered sweets. Then her eyes meet his and she colours from neck to hairline and busies herself with her computer. Harper, sitting at his own workstation not that far from her, glances over and his eyes widen slightly.

“New look for you, isn’t it?” he says, upper lip curling a little. Costello looks up from trying to piece together the weird gauntlet-thing, and the sneer on Owen’s face is nothing to the sheer contempt on hers. Her gaze sweeps down and then up his body and Ianto avoids her gaze as it returns to his face. He hates Costello, and knows the feeling is entirely mutual.

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Fic idea 1

My muse, she is indeed stirring!

I've had three ideas for TW fic in the last day  or so. Well, kind of two ideas actually, but....anyway. These are the first draft of the opening moments from each one. No  idea if all three will get written, but I'm determined to at least try! So here's the first. I've no idea if this will prove to be in my own FTFE 'verse or in the Canon Torchwood 'verse — if the latter, then I assume it would be some time in Season 2; whether pre- or post-Reset will depend on how it writes out.

“Jack, it's somewhere over there.”

Ianto gestured through the SUV’s passenger owards the scrubby patch of urban wasteland on his side of the road. They were within spitting distance of the ice rink and he supposed it was fortunate that it was three in the morning on a Tuesday and not Friday or Saturday evening. 

Without answering, Jack brought the SUV to a halt at the side of the road and they both exited, Ianto glancing down at the mapping screen on the PDA.

“Damn – it’s over the fence.” He glanced up and down the road as Jack reached into one of the many pockets of his great-coat and pulled out a pair of wire-cutters. The negative Rift spike meant they’d left the Weevil gear in the car. Moments later they both ducked through the flap cut into the chain-link fence and, in the light of two torches, moved off across the litter- and weed-strewn ground.

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